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Lunch EC2 Instance < And Also attach the EBS volume too>

Create a key pair

→ Lets first discuss about the key pair ….Key pair have two keys one public key and second one is private key, which are used at the time to access the instances for credentials instead password. Amazon stores the public key and we store the private key

Created Key Pair’s

It is like an firewall which will controls the incoming and outgoing traffic.. Like here we have allowed the ssh for my public only and ping(ICMP) to all the traffics..

Created the Security Groups

→ Lunched an instance(with aws_linux AMI) by the help Created Key Par and Security Group which we have created .

ssh to the lunched instance
Create the Volume
attaching the volume to the running instance
info about the extra storage which we have attached
formatted in ext4 which is supported by our os
Now mounted that partition to the folder so that user can use that drive

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