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Why Only Azure K8s Service (AKS) ?

Why shloud we prefer AKS ?
So, Lets Discuss Some Important About AKS ……

1. Accelerated app development
75 % of developer’s time is typically spent on bug-fixing. AKS removes much of the time-sink (and headache) of debugging by handling the following aspects of your development infrastructure:

  • Auto upgrades
  • Patching
  • Self-healing

Through AKS, container orchestration is simplified, saving you time and enabling your developers to remain more productive. It’s a way to breathe life into your application development by combatting one of developer’s biggest time-sinks.

2. Supports agile project management

Agile projects yield strong results and are typically 28 percent more successful than traditional projects.

This is another key benefit to AKS — it supports agile development programs, such as continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery/continuous deployment (CD) and dev-ops. This is done through integration with Azure DevOps, ACR, Azure Active Directory and Monitoring. An example of this is a developer who puts a container into a repository, moves the builds into Azure Container Registry (ACR), and then uses AKS to launch the workload.
3. Security and compliance done right

Cyber security must be a priority for all businesses moving forward. Last year, almost half of UK businesses suffered a cyber-attack and, according to IBM’s study, 60 percent of data breaches were caused by insiders. The threat is large, and it often comes from within.

AKS protects your business by enabling administrators to tailor access to Azure Active Directory (AD) and identity and group identities. When people only have the access they need, the threat from internal teams is greatly reduced.

You can also rest assured that AKS is totally compliant. AKS meets the regulatory requirements of System and Organisation Controls (SOC), as well as being compliant with ISO, HIPAA and HITRUST.

4. Use only the resources you need

AKS is a fully flexible system that adapts to use only the resources you need. Additional processing power is supported via graphic processing units (GPUs) — processor intensive operations, such as scientific computations, enables on-top processing power. If you need more resources, it’s as simple as clicking a button and letting the elasticity of Azure container instances do the rest.

When you only use the resources you need, your software (and your business) enjoys the following benefits:

  • Reduced cost — no extra GPUs need to be bought and integrated onsite.
  • Faster start-up speed compared to onsite hardware and software which takes time to set-up.
  • Easier scaling — get more done now without worrying about how to manage resources.

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